With so many people adjusting to the evolving business economy in Tulsa, OK, ecommerce websites seem to be one of the best choices to expand and become more profitable. Many entrepreneurs will even tell you that an online store is practically recession-proof since people prefer to make purchases on the internet.

Many business owners these days are turning to ecommerce and selling products on the internet in order to offset the risk of being shut down due to an economic crisis. Since you can’t exactly purchase products on social media, the need for a profitable digital marketing campaign has become an essential part of business.

The convenience of shopping online has changed the way people get access to, and purchase all their necessities and amenities. And we owe it to the creative website design companies who develop the process to make it easy for customers around the world to buy what they need on the internet.

Personally owning the site has its benefits. There are endless integrations and possibilities for the website owner to efficiently provide goods while creating another steady revenue stream.

The full or partial transition process may seem difficult, but it’s quite easy, depending on the web design company hired to develop the website.

Tulsa eCommerce and website developers

Actual Clients.

Many of our current clients can help explain the benefits of ecommerce

and what it means to have a professional web design team that can work with them on the services they need for successful internet marketing and sales.

The Cost.

Unless you’re the hands on type, you’ll likely budget a little for professional web design and digital marketing, so a small investment is needed to start a successful online marketing website.


$ 1,000
  • 25 Products
  • Web Based Platform
  • Custom Shop Design
  • Link To Website
  • On Page SEO Included


$ 2,500
  • 100 Products
  • WooCommerce Platform
  • Custom Website Design
  • 10 Page Website Rebuild
  • Advanced SEO Setup
  • Payment & Shipping Systems


$ 5,000 /UP
  • Up To 10K Products
  • WooCommerce Platform
  • Custom Website Design
  • 25 Page Website Rebuild
  • Advanced SEO Program
  • Payment & Shipping Systems
  • Google Ads Setup
  • Customer Support Setup

Direct Allied Agency has been specializing in ecommerce web development in Tulsa for five years, so it’s no surprise that we’ve helped individuals and businesses grow their income by simply setting up and automating digital shopping websites for multiple niches. You can see our other website services HERE.


Online Payments.

Not all merchant processors are the same,

so some research is required to ensure that processing rates are low, refunds are easy to process, and they have a 24-hour customer service department. This step is crucial to making sure payments are processed quickly and then transferred to your bank seamlessly.

Domain Integration.

After you’ve planned and designed the brand of the company,

it’s time to research and purchase a domain, which is the address of the website. Try to choose short, easy to type, memorable names and URL extensions (i.e .com, .net, .shop, etc).

Shipping Integration.

Many people are able to bypass this step if using a direct shipper or drop shipper.

Otherwise, you will need an integration like ShipStation to calculate shipping costs, produce labels and automate email notifications to customers.

Inventory List.

Many websites (like Shopify), CMS (like WooCommerce) and even shipping integrations also handle inventory.

But you need an actual list of products before utilizing the power of these tools to manage, track and update inventory. We help create a spreadsheet with product names, SKU, description, images and stock quantity. All applicable data in this sheet can then be uploaded into an inventory management system.


When it comes to digital marketing for ecommerce, make sure your web design partner has the ability to create a stunning user experience. It’s helpful if they also provide services for development, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation and optimization for mobile devices.

It’s always wise to search the company’s online reviews to read case studies from an actual previous or current client. Even if you’re not in Tulsa, OK, you can work with any company in the country who is trustworthy and a good fit for your project.

Choose the best website design team to apply their skills and experience to create a solid and secure environment to sell goods and services. If time permits, and you’re tech savvy, you can actually learn to do this for free, but Direct Allied Agency is here to help.

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It’s never a bad idea to get organized first, and doing so helps tremendously in making a list of specific things you need.

It’s rare to find successful ecommerce operations who don’t have a strong team to help carry out tasks when needed. The solopreneur can oftentimes wear all the hats only if his main focus is one single online store, but the goal of building any successful business is the income automation.

Most website design agencies offer all the services needed to bring businesses to the internet. A good website developer should provide custom solutions that are unique to the products being sold, and the brand represented by the company.


Little Technical Knowledge Required.

There is no need to quit your job and learn a new skill

when you can hire a local web design company with experience in online sales. Most web developers will design a selling dashboard that is user-friendly enough to navigate and update information as needed.

Little Industry Knowledge Required.

Why change careers when a professional ecommerce store does all the selling.

It’s very common for someone to sell on multiple websites in various niches that he knows nothing about, because most people buying online will research Google quickly to make smart purchasing decisions. Simply list a product and let the customer do work.

Drop Shipping.

It’s not necessary to keep inventory

because most e-commerce websites use a central warehouse to keep products until they are sold. For a small fee on the product sold, the merchandise is packed and shipped by the drop shipper, not by an actual store.

Fully Automated Revenue Stream.

One of the biggest benefits of setting up an online company store is

the profit is quickly deposited into your bank account. Email notices will be automatically sent to the customer to notify them of each step in the process, from receipt to tracking to delivery.

Offering products on a website and including search engine optimization techniques to get web traffic to the site produces huge monetary results. It also helps to link the products with social media to produce more traffic and revenue. Best of all, the management of the website can be done remotely, without even leaving the house.

With the world changing every day, it’s important to change with it. For smart entrepreneurs, that means turning to website marketing to pay the bills without a lot of hard work.

We understand the need now for most businesses to be able to operate online to supplement income and continue to operate during unforeseen events. This is exactly why we have expanded our ecommerce capabilities and increased staff to handle the already increasing workload. Let’s start with a quick discussion including your vision and projections, then we can decide if we’re a good fit for your business.

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